Traveling is one of the best experiences you can experience. If you also do it with friends, the memory can be much better, since you will share adventures, unforgettable experiences and anecdotes that you will remember over the years. Despite that, the trip does not always accompanied by friends just as well as we hope: times conflicts arise, places to visit, accommodation disorder and much more. We have a few tips you can look into when you plan a trip with your friends.


  1. Meet your friends – With the excitement of the trip, we often forget the time we will spend with other people during the travel. It is not the same to spend a day with them than a whole week of coexistence. It’s a good idea that you know very well those friends you want to make the trip with and are not just acquaintances. Complicity and a good understanding are key points so that your rest days are a success.
  2. Choose the best friends – Not all friends are perfect for your trip, no matter how friendly they may be. It is important to choose those with whom you have an affinity, to avoid crashing into basic decisions of the trip
  3. Select the perfect destination – The choice of the trip is a fundamental point. Meet before booking tickets to looking for the cities or countries that likes you, depending on the activities you want to do.
  4. Plan your trip and activities well – It is a good idea to hold a meeting before the trip to plan all the days you are going to visit and the places and activities you want to discover. A good planning makes the trip much easier and prevents you from staying without seeing sites that you would like and that you will not have the possibility to visit another time. In this way you will also see in advance if it is necessary to take the ticket for a museum and avoid unnecessary queues.
  5. Be tolerant with your friends – So many hours of coexistence become difficult, so it is essential that you have patience. During the trip you will discover hobbies of your friends that you might not have known before. Before that, try to be understanding and keep in mind that you can also be making mistakes that are annoying for the rest of your friends.
  6. Always with your mobile – If you travel in a large group it is important that you have a means of communication with which to write to you, since you probably need it in more than a moment of the visit. Having your mobile phone at hand (and with an internet connection) will make it easier for you to get to specific points or to be aware of what other members of the group are doing.
  7. Don´t forget to enjoy – First of all, remember that your trip is the perfect time to create memories and stronger bonds with your friends. Although tensions may arise during the stay, keep in mind that the main motivation is to spend time with them and have fun.

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