From the start of a journey to long after arriving home, Travelling with Family can be one of the most rewarding adventures you can have together. While travel enables families to form a stronger bond, children also benefit from new experiences and adults gain a greater appreciation for what’s around them.


No matter how well travelled you are, traveling with young kids is a very different experience than solo backpacking or couples’ travel. While planning your first Travel Trip your mind might have many thoughts and many questions that you are looking to be answered.


-How do we get a passport for a baby?

-Do we need to get clearance from a doctor before we travel?

-What do we need to pack?

-Will we get any sleep if we share the hotel room with our little one?

-How do we keep him entertained?

-What if something happens abroad?


Well if you do have such questions scratching your head, worry no more. We got you covered. In this article you can find your answers.


  1. Book Accommodations with Separate Sleeping Areas – Choose accommodations that offer one- or two-bedroom suites instead of the standard hotel room with two beds. You’ll pay a little more for this convenience, but a good night’s sleep is the key ingredient to a successful Family Travel.
  2. Play It Safe, Make Reservations – The problem with this travel style is that when you have kids you need to consider their threshold for being uncomfortable. Do yourself and your kids a favor: make hotel and transportation reservations ahead of time to avoid unnecessary frustrations. Wandering the streets for hours in search of a hotel room or waiting an extra six hours at a train station is not fun at the best of times, let alone when you add a cranky child to the situation. Not pretty.
  3. Protect Yourself — Get Proper Travel Insurance – This one is self-explanatory. Travel insurance can feel like an annoying, unnecessary expense, but it’s always best to play it safe, especially with young children.
  4. Load Up Your Tablet – Being able to have our kids watch their favorite shows is a lifesaver, especially on long flights and in the evenings when we need some quiet time.
  5. Choose Your Destination Wisely – Choosing the right destination can make or break your family trip. It’s important to consider your children’s needs, but it’s equally important to visit a place that interests you. Most destinations have some form of amusement park or family-friendly attraction, so when you make your shortlist, look for destinations that have some adult fun for you, too.
  6. Treats and Surprises are Always a Good Idea – Bring small presents and/or treats and reward your little ones for good behavior. When on a long flight or train ride, give your children a small present like a toy car, puzzle, or coloring book. Not only does it encourage good behavior but it also keeps them entertained.
  7. Slow Down – Don’t try to replicate the way you used to travel before kids. Things are different now, so try not to squeeze too many activities or sightseeing into one day. Enjoy your big activity or adventure in the morning when everyone is fresh and recharged. Break up the day and spend some quiet time back at the hotel before you venture out again.

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